Add local fonts

▁▂▃▅▆▇ Funny Chars ▇▆▅▃▂▁

Version 1.5, 10. october 2007 Gone are the days of ASCII charset with only 256 characters!
Today it is UTF-8 or even UTF-16, which has many defined characters in them.
This page lets you browse these characters - and generates the HTML encoding (&#CODE;) you need to paste in your document to show them on your webpage.
For instance in the <title> tag they can come in handy. Look at the title of this page. If you bookmark it it will be very easy to spoot!

Also the title attribute (the tooltip) can contain special chars. Did you know that &#13; will insert a line-break in your tooltip?

Have fun!

/Sten Hougaard