Finding the site00:00

Put Cufón in a Google search box, and voila! I have the site:
The usage page

Now I have a description to follow, which is what I will do

Step 1 – Get cufón!09:00

Download the javascript file cufon-yui.js and add it to this document.

Step 2 – Generate a font14:00

Using the online font generator: cufón - fonts for the people to generate a font "Balthazar Regular" (C:\Windows\Fonts\BALTH___.TTF).

Uploaded... and 2 minutes later the Balthazar_500.font.js file was saved and included!

Step 3 – Replacing text20:00

I do some copying of the shown example HTML code to this page, for instance:

<script type="text/javascript">
  Cufon.replace('h1.Cufon', { fontFamily: 'Balthazar' });

And it works (well in Firefox, guess I have to do what is written in step 4 to get MSIE working!)

Step 4 – Making Internet Explorer behave25:00

Not that it is happening often (now that is ironi!) some hacks have to be done to make it work in MSIE too :-)
So I follow step 4 on the webpage:

<script type="text/javascript">;


Well - it was easy to make it work in Firefox, but until now it has not worked in MSIE.
Perhaps it is because it is running locally, so I will cross my fingers that it works online!
But 5 start to Cufón! I did this in only 31 minutes writing the test as I implemented it!

Google Webfonts - 2010/05/24

I just discovered that Google also have a go at this area - client side font embedding - Google Webfonts (Thanks to Morten).
I have included the font to this page too - took around 4 minuts!
Here you can see information about the font I used:


Version notes

Version 1:
  • The 31 minutes basic page, no layout put into it
Version 2:
  • Has had a graphical and layout brush-up.
  • Added one more font: Bookman Old Style, which I choose to limit to my domain.
  • Added links (thanks to Morten for the link Cufon vs sIFR vs FLIR).
  • Form elements (input, textarea etc) does not work:

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