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Work experience

Netsi 2005 — Present

Owner and developerI own my own company through wich I have done various jobs. Implementing in CMS system and SPAs ( I also use this company to creative tasks like making drone videoes 01.2016 — 06.2017

Software developerConstructing a ReactJS based framework for Kamstrup webapplication. Based on latest technologies like PostCSS, ES2015, webpack, ReactJS, CSS variables, CSS Color 4 module and other. 2013 — 2015

Senior frontend developerImplementing websites in Dynamicweb CMS, Dynamicweb eCommerce and Umbraco.

727 Online 2012 — 2013

Frontend developerImplementing websites in Dynamicweb CMS, Dynamicweb eCommerce and Synkron Via CMS, Sitecore and Umbraco.

Bleau A/S 2008 — 2012

Frontend developerImplementing websites in Dynamicweb CMS, Dynamicweb eCommerce and Synkron Via CMS and Sitecore.

Dynamicweb Systems A/S 2007 — 2008

Frontend developerImplementing websites in Dynamicweb CMS, Dynamicweb eCommerce and Synkron Via CMS for Dynamicweb Partners.

Par No 1, Aarhus 2006 — 2007

WebdeveloperImplementing websites using CMS systems and hard coded websites. CMS system were Dynamicweb CMS, Dynamicweb eCommerce and other.

EDB Gruppen 1999 — 2006

Application developer and designerDeveloping websites for various customers using standard web technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP, JSP, ASP.NET and IBM Websphere Portal Server.

Erhvervsskolernes Forlag og Servicevirksomhed, Odense 1996 — 1999

Web developerWorking as a web developer implementing websites and web based services using HTML, CSS, Javascript and ASP among other. Working together with many types of people from teachers to writers and designers.

Centralbiblioteket in Viborg Kommune 1995 — 1995

ProjectleaderI created and ran a project "Jorden rundt på 80 sekunder" ("Around the earth in 80 seconds") which was unique at that time. The project brought much attention in Denmark as it was a pionier project. It extended the services at the library to offer access to the internet. I created the idea and you may say that the project was a milestone in Denmark. Today all public libraries (of cause) offers internet access. The innovative part of me came to light in that project.

EUC Midt, Viborg 1995 — 1995

IT web responsibelWorking in a project where the task was to get a technical school on internet. All aspects from buying computers, getting internet access, setting up websites and educating the users. Maintaining, designing and coding website for the school, 

Viborg Amts kommune Jan 1986 — Dec 1986

Video related tasksWorking with producing video productions for institutions in Viborg Amts kommune. Working with all aspects of video production from research, storyboard, recording, lights, sound to editing and handing over production to customer.

Radio Viborg 1985 — 1989


BFC Data, Herning 1984 — 1985

Software developerDoing traditional software development for an ERP selling company.

AOF, Odense

TeacherCreating courses and teaching people how to work with Adobe products, including Photoshop and Illustrator.Creating course materiale.

Uddannelsescenteret for Ålestrupegnen

TeacherEducating young people in various aspects of computing: Programming, analyzing and other things.Creating course materiale.


I have always been a very creative and innovative kind. I love to explore new technologies and find new ways of explore them. I have my primary focus of the "middleware" part in implementing websites. Using latest methodes used when developing websites.

I like to talk with customers finding the best solution fitted for the task, as well as doing service and meeting up with them.

My main strength is seeing ways to solve problems, new wishes and finding way of use of the emerging technologi on customer websites. Also I can see things from many perspectives as I have a wide experience with in my field. Being able to talk with a range of various people with different background. From designer over project manager and customer to backend developer.

I spend a lot of time blogging, tweeting and sharing knowledge. something which I got a price for in 2013 from Dynamicweb Systems.

I enjoy producing quality code in javascript (ES2015) using a stack based on webpack, javascript and say ReactJS. Using latest technologies is possibel through transpiling the code ensuring support for target devices and platforms.

Certifications and courses
  • Sitecore Frontend developer certified 2010
  • C#.Net, 60 hours course
  • Databases (a Datanom course), 1 semester (1 year), 1997
  • Object Oriented Programming with Java (a Datanom course), 1 semester (1 year), 1996


EDB Assistent 1984 — 1985

Odense EDB SkoleAt that time it was the way to get an education into the world of Information Technologi. Learning all the processes involved in implementing software. Learning Pascal and Cobol.

HH, economic 1981 — 1984

Viborg Business SchoolLearning the basic of business including marketing, accounting and IT.


My prefered programming language. It has become a universial language which can run anywhere. Investment into this language makes sense. Not only is it a cute and powerfull language, but it also lets you be a developer anywhere with this language.
I have always loved graphics, especially vector graphics. The fact that SVG is at hand in the browser for me is wonderful, and I always look for at good case to use it.
ReactJS and other "frameworks" which lets you develop component based applications makes me smile!
CSS also goes through a great development and it now lets you style your things in a very powerful way.


I have a drive within the field of Internet in general and new standards in particular. Things like how the web can be explored to bring new business to the world are of great interest to me.


I do a lot of "pens" - prototypes, on CodePen. For instance this pen which combines SVG and ReactJS to create beautiful figures. SVG/ReactJS math patterns

A prototype created for which lets the user select a range visually over some D3 based graph. Developed using ReactJS d3 curtain selector.
Here are just some of the solutions which I have been involved in. *
This website is a highly custom build. A responsive site implemented using C# Razor based templates in Dynamicweb CMS.

Altistore webshop
A typical webshop with features like multi language, advanced Solr based product lists, product search and 100% C# Razor based basket, build on top of Dynamicweb eCommerce

Click webshop
Implemented the filtering function which required to offer a flexible UI offering most possible choices without becoming confusing. Dynamicweb eCommerce
A small multi language mobile only website offering basic functionalities for the Gram customer. Dynamicweb eCommerce
A simple responsive Bootstrap website made in my spare time. Involving various tasks for instance SVG

Danbo Møbler
Dynamic filtering in webshop
A danish chain selling furniture, I have implemented a lot of things on the website. As an example I have created a filter for productlist. Using JSON and AngularJS the result was a stunningly fast and userfriendly function bringing ease of use together with performance. See the product filter here

Teknisk skole Silkeborg
Doing a lot of work making both website and intranet work in the best possible manner. Including consulting and guiding the customer. Screen shoot

An Dynamicweb eCommerce based website selling things for cooking and kitchen. Filtering and configuration as well as templates and javascript for the website:
A danish council. I did some sitecore consulting for them.
A lot of implementing in Synkron Via CMS
Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark. A lot of Dynamicweb CMS work.

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